proffer Unreleased

  • Remove superfluous operator %||%.

proffer 0.1.1 2021-01-04

  • Address a CRAN check error for R-devel on Windows: lengthen the time of a test to avoid empty protocol buffers.
  • Build site with GitHub Actions and use flatly theme (#26, @krlmlr).
  • Ping port until pprof is initialized (#28).
  • Improve console messages of host and port.
  • Forward error message if pprof process quits early.

proffer 0.1.0 2020-03-23

  • pprof() passes ... to record_pprof() (#12, @krlmlr).
  • In the DESCRIPTION, unquote function names and add parentheses afterwards. (CRAN comments for next submission.)
  • Motivate profilers more in the README.
  • Increase font size in logo.
  • Search systems for pprof if the pprof_path env var is not set (#14, @krlmlr).
  • Use PROFFER_PPROF_BIN env var instead of pprof_path (#11, @krlmlr). pprof_path is still back-compatibly supported.
  • Introduce new environment variables PROFFER_GO_BIN and PROFFER_GRAPHVIZ_BIN to allow the user to set the paths to the respective binaries (#11, @krlmlr).
  • Add a new pprof_sitrep() function to give a situation report of the pprof installation, its dependencies, and their environment variables (#17, @krlmlr).
  • Add new function test_pprof().

proffer 0.0.2 2019-12-20

proffer 0.0.1 Unreleased

  • First version.