• New joint_pprof().
  • New comingle_pprof() and comingle_rprof(), for use with proffer.
  • Revamp the configure script (#45, @atheriel).
  • Improve package metadata (DESCRIPTION/NAMESPACE/LICENSE) (#43).
  • Remove unused write_flat_ds() (#42).
  • Adds new error messages for possible pprof installation issues (#40).


  • Detailed installation instructions (#28).
  • Include installation instructions in ?find_pprof, an error in find_pprof() points to the help page (#30).
  • Better error message in stop_profiler() (#26).
  • Deinitialize signal handler on unload to support pkgload::load_all() (#32).
  • Fix Travis CI on all platforms, currently requires gperftools/gperftools#1004 (#27).
  • Implement find_pprof() in favor of a separate pprof package (r-prof/r-pprof#1).
  • Add introductory vignette.
  • Combine stack traces with the help of the profile package.
  • Reading files created by gperftools by parsing pprof output (#1).
  • Support gperftools >= 2.5 (#13).

jointprof 0.0-1

Initial release

  • Proof of concept.
  • Functions start_profiler() and stop_profiler() to initialize and terminate joint profiling.
    • Daisy-chain SIGPROF handlers, the gperftools profiler offers a filter which can be used to sneak in the call to the original handler installed by Rprof().
  • Function get_profiler_traces() returns joint profiling data.
    • Parsing gperftools data with a bleeding-edge version of pprof (needs -traces switch), Ubuntu binary included.
    • Parsing Rprof data with a call to an unexported profvis function.
  • Convenience function show_profiler_pdf() shows a PDF of the gperftools data.