Bug fixes

  • Gracefully degrade if unw_get_proc_name() results in an error.


  • winch_trace_back() returns a new is_libr column that indicates if an entry is from R’s shared library (#56).


  • Deprecate winch_add_trace_back(), to be reimplemented in rlang (#56).

  • Tweak snapshot.

  • Fix compiler warning regarding empty prototype.


Bug fixes

Bug fixes

Breaking changes

  • rlang backtraces are disabled for now (#56).
  • Fix compatibility with vctrs > 0.3.8.
  • Fix compatibility with dev rlang (#50).
  • Use correct printf() format for uintptr_t (#48, @QuLogic).
  • Work around CRAN check failures on Linux with C locale and Windows oldrel (#45).

  • Enable more tests on CRAN (#43).

  • Fix checks when libbacktrace compiles but is broken (#40).

  • Vendor libraries are not checked on Valgrind (#41).

  • Avoid -j and -l when calling make.
  • Same as winch 0.0.2.
  • Adapt to trace format with version specification in attribute in rlang 0.4.8 (#35).

  • Fix Valgrind error.

  • Fix check errors if functionality is not available (#31).

  • Fix check on CRAN Debian clang (#32).

  • Only enable libbacktrace if it can be configured and built. This fixes problems on Windows oldrelease and Solaris (#34).

  • Copy-edit text (#33, @jawond).

Initial release.